luxury hotels in ubud

Why do you have to make a trip to Bali at least once!

I have been in Asia for a number of years and I am lucky enough to be able to travel a lot. I think Bali is the place I hear the most nonsense about “tourists” you know those who absolutely want to flee and have destroyed the island.If you are thinking of accommodations in Bali, then remember- Tanah Gajah is one of the best luxury hotels in ubud.

Bali? an island too touristy!

Bali is a pretty big island but also extremely small. If you compare with Java which is also in Indonesia there is clearly no picture, however Bali remains gigantic on our scale, you put for example 3 good hours to go from the South to the East.

Bali, the island where everything is easy!

luxury hotels in ubud

And yes, the popular belief in many blogs is that when it’s difficult it’s great. I do not really like that because sometimes you just want to be able to discover things but also have time to sip a cocktail in a nice bar by the sea, get money from the distributor for shopping and do not be afraid that a mosquito will give you dengue + malaria in one day!

Nice accommodations everywhere!

This is a general advantage to Indonesia, housing is really cheap (when compared with China or Burma for example) and there are very easily small charming hotels everywhere. You can even find hotels for a treat with a beautiful pool overlooking the rice fields for less than $ 100! For the quest forĀ luxury hotels in ubud, consider Tanah Gajah.

Restaurants in every way and food really good!

And yes, again something that I particularly enjoy in Bali, the restaurants are extremely varied, and you can always find what you want, a little gargotte, a fish restaurant on the beach, a burger, a good piece of beef? everything is in Bali and everything is very easy to have.

But above all a beautiful island

This may be the most important thing, but Bali is a really beautiful island. While strolling you will let your eyes get lost inreally beautiful places. Nature is beautiful, it is quite hilly, there are rice fields everywhere, but it is especially the houses which are very beautiful.

You will see everywhere houses that look like temples, sometimes the house is a mix of both, but it is especially the architecture in Bali that is unique.