Achilles Tendinitis – Home Treatment Tips and Techniques

Achilles tendinitis is a chronic condition affecting athletes and sedentary individuals, alike. It appears to be due to low blood supply and poor nutrition and flow to the tendon. It may be worsened or complicated by high blood cholesterol levels and obesity. The condition is characterized by a sharp, burning pain isolated about two inches above the heel, just below the calf. The tendon’s responsibility would be to link the calf muscle to the heel bone. The region is small and constricted, which explains why there is restricted blood supply to the tendon. Injuries to the tendon result in new blood vessel development. Together with the new blood vessels comes nerves. With the nerves comes pain. If the injury does not heal properly or the place is reinjured again and again as time goes by, the tendon can become thick and little lumps can form along it. The lumps may be composed of blood vessels or nerve fibers. At times, they are composed of cholesterol. If that is the case, a physician may refer to it as a xanthoma.

The lumps cause further pain and make achilles tendinitis treatment singapore. If at all possible, it is ideal to treat Achilles tendinitis before the lumps form. Step one is to break after an injury. That is sometimes hard for an athlete to perform. But if there’s absolutely no rest, the injury cannot heal. Your activities could be restricted for a lifetime, if you do not take the time to recuperate correctly from an injury. Ice followed by compression Therapies are the upcoming steps. The ice reduces inflammation. Anti-inflammatory drugs or lotions may be used, also. Compression therapy involves applying even pressure to the affected region. This can be achieved with a unique toeless sock which comprises a gel pad. The mat also prevents further irritation brought on by shoes. The last and maybe most important measure for the relief of Achilles tendinitis and the prevention of further harm is proper exercise. If you are sedentary, overweight or obese, you should see your doctor about what types of exercise are appropriate.

If you are in good overall Health, you probably need stretching exercises to give an eccentric contraction or elongation of the tendon. Stretching aids are available from various different outlets. The ones that specialize in foot and lower body health would be the best choices. The greatest threat of Achilles tendinitis is a rupture of the tendon. A rupture is very painful, takes a while to heal and is tough to treat. Some of the mainstream methods for treating the inflammation, such as steroid injections, increase the risk of rupture.