Blow up Fishing Holes at Lazy Lake Island, Lake Canoe and near Steamy Stacks Locations in Fortnite

This is because the map constantly changes, as Epic Games removes some areas and occasionally puts back others that are returning after a long absence. So instead of telling you where the best places are to land, it’s better to look at more general considerations. However, since Epic Games constantly adds new weapons and puts others in the Vault, it’s easy to get confused as to which ones are the best.

Fortnite Fishing Guide: How To Blow Up Fishing Holes (Week 6) – GameSpot

Fortnite Fishing Guide: How To Blow Up Fishing Holes (Week .

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There will also be a small disturbance on the water’s surface above where the fish are swimming. You need to blow up three fishing holes at any of the above locations in order to finish up this challenge. To complete your tasks you’ll potentially have to visit a number of landmarks in Fortnite, which could be tricky if you’re not familiar with where they are.

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One challenge will send you to Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands, and Flopper Pond, while the other will take you to Lazy Lake Island, Lake Canoe, and Steamy Stacks. Epic Games have announced a new Fortnite update for today, v22.30 (3.72). Here are all of the Fishing Hole locations in Fortnite for the Week 6 Challenges. This challenge leaked early; check back later this week to try it yourself.

how to blow up fishing holes fortnite

You’re going to be looking for the spots where the fish are jumping out of the water, which is where you can just shoot a missile from your boat to hit them. Completing quests will earn players XP, with Epic quests handing out 22,000 XP and the Legendary quest offering a massive 55,000 XP. Each week players are handed seven Epic quests to complete, as well as one Legendary Quest.

Make sure to keep weapons, as many players might try to destroy the same motorboat and eliminate you in the process. Therefore, having a defensive weapon option is preferred to safely complete this challenge. One of the challenges in Fortnite this week is to engage in a little bit of explosive fishing. You will need to blow up fishing holes at Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands, or Flopper Pond. To blow up Fishing Holes in Fortnite, you need to launch an explosive at the rippling circle on the surface of the water to immediately reveal any fish and weapons contained within.

Fortnite Fishing Holes Locations – How To Blow Up Fishing Holes

The first thing you will need to do is track down some explosives. Grenades are the most likely thing that you will find and can appear in the game as ground loot, or be found in chests. Once you have any form of explosive, it’s time to go hunting for fishing holes. To Blow up Fishing Holes at Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands, or Flopper Pond, you must head to one of these three locations and blow up fishing holes on the water.

Blow Up Fishing Holes at Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands or Flopper Pond

Fret not as we’ve got you covered, with all of the Fortnite Fishing Holes locations you could need laid out below. Look around in named locations, and you might find a Weapon Upgrade station. For 50 wood, 50 brick and 50 metal, you can upgrade a common gun into an uncommon gun — increasing rarity by one level. Increasing an uncommon to a rare costs 150 of each resource, so it’s only going to get more expensive from there.

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