How to Put a Weight on a Fishing Line: 4 Types of Sinkers

It features a twisted wire loop at its end for attaching line. Some such sinkers have a rubber-type locking loop that can be used to attach the sinker to line quickly without having to cut and retie lures or baits. Water Gremlin “Snap Loc” Dispsey sinkers are one type.

how to put a sinker on a fishing line

Sliding sinkers reduce the resistance a fish feels when it bites. The weight rests on bottom while line slides through it. Egg sinkers have a hole through the middle so the line moves freely. Bullet sinkers have a cone shape ideal for gliding through weeds.

Worm Weights

The looped wire is used for snugly fitting fishing line in a drop shot rig to take it deep, without need for tying line to lead. This allows for quick change adjustments in the weight for different fishing depths. Most drop-shot sinkers are rounded in shape to resist bottom fouling, and many come in weights from 1/8- to 3/4-ounce.

You can check the fishing license requirements online. If you want to remove or reposition the sinker, untwist the rubber and gently pull the line out from the rubber. Split shots are also easy to take on and off if you need to quickly change the weight on your line. 6-A shows a vertical view of float/sinker with retainer (FIG. 6-B) in place. It’s effective for smaller fish and big trophy-class cats as well.

Back to basics: Let’s go fishing

Last but not least, you need to have a clear understanding on how to use the ring, loop and eye as well. To begin with, you will need to remove the hook and all the other tackles that you can see in between the end of line. Next, you need to place your sinker in proper position. To provide a float/sinker with a means of quickly attaching or detaching a hook, lure, or fly from the float/sinker. The float/sinker in claim 1 wherein float/sinker can be placed on fishing line in either direction. The float/sinker in claim 1 wherein said body may be constructed from a variety of commercially available plastic materials similar to polyethylene plastic.

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