We’re old friends and we have a lot of fun when we get together or talk. John is also an athlete and he knows how to win, which is a very important thing to know. One of my favorite parts of the conversation is about what kind of content he looks for too.

how to get a fishing sponsor

If you’re already using the brand, share your experiences with their products online to give them publicity. Try uploading pictures of fish that you’ve caught and write down what equipment you used to catch it. Be sure to tag them or link to their products so other fishermen can find them.

Tips to Gain Fishing Sponsorships

He’s a key player in putting together the deals that have brought the Bassmaster Classic to Greenville, SC in a unique partnership with Anderson. Neil’s an avid angler and he has impactful partnerships with pro anglers Brandon Cobb and Brian Lattimer. He has a deep knowledge of fishing tourism and he’s gracious enough to share some of that knowledge with us today.

They also own In Fisherman and Saltwater Sportsman as well as a slew of hunting titles like North American Whitetail, Gun Dog, Petersen’s Hunting and Guns & Ammo magazines as well as many others. That’s just super, over the top, hugely successful in an industry in which it is extremely hard to succeed. Then he takes us through his process as a photographer and videographer to capture the right moments that help you tell your story or anyone else’s story. Jake Latendresse is a prolific creator who has traveled the world shooting photos and video. He’s also a seasoned cameraman on the Bassmaster Elite Series and has spent ten years around the very best in the business both in front of and behind the camera.

Study the habits and patterns of the species you’d like to catch. Every species of fish has different behaviors and preferences, but they can be pretty predictable. While you’re out fishing, pay attention to where you find schools of fish in the water. Note the temperature, weather, depth, and water conditions at the time so you can keep track of them. If you want to master your craft, the only way you can improve is by going out and doing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a boat or just casting from the shore as long as you’re putting in the time to fish.

Fishing Suspended Bass around Cover with a Fish Finder

He also tells us about how pro anglers fit into the Lure Lock strategy and what he looks for in anglers. Really compelling stuff here on the process of how endorsement deals are nurtured and developed. Courtney is a creator and she creates in the outdoor space. If you are an outdoor content creator there aren’t many places you’d rather be than where she sits every day. Rodney understands how to work hard and how to never give up on himself. I think listening to them will inspire you to keep reaching for your goals and to keep trying new things.

Fishing Business Podcast Episode 9  How Non-Endemic Brands work with Anglers

For more specific information about a contest listed, anglers should contact the contest sponsor directly. If your Pro Staff sponsorship request is received during the submission period, you will receive an acknowledgement reply via email. If your request is selected, you will be contacted via email or the phone number you provided to discuss details further.

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